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2016 Course Schedule

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August 8Pumping Systems66$185.00W & WW
August 9Instrumentation & Calibration66$185.00W & WW
August 10Backflow Prevention Assembly Repair66$185.00
August 15-18Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training3212$555.00W & WW
August 22-26Wastewater Laboratory Analyst3012$365.00WW
August 29-September 1Class II Drinking Water Laboratory2412$340.00W
August 30Class IV Drinking Water Treatment66$185.00W
August 30Class IV Wastewater Treatment66$185.00WW
September 6Backflow 1-Day Renewal66$185.00W & WW
September 6-8Basic Maintenance Technologist2412$310.00W & WW
September 12-16Class III Drinking Water Treatment4012$505.00W
September 12-16Class III Wastewater Treatment4012$505.00WW
September 19-22Class II Drinking Water Treatment2412$325.00W
September 19-22Class II Wastewater Treatment2412$385.00WW
September 26-28Drinking Water Microbiology1812$315.00W
September 26-29Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training3212$555.00W & WW
October 3-6Class II Wastewater Laboratory2412$340.00WW
October 3-6Collection Systems Operation & Maintenance2712$430.00WW
October 3-6Distribution Systems Operation & Maintenance2712$370.00W
October 12Basic Pipeline66$185.00W & WW
October 12Laboratory Quality Assurance66$185.00W & WW
October 12Backflow 1-Day Renewal66$185.00W & WW
October 13Advanced Pipeline66$185.00W & WW
October 13Drinking Water Regulation & Compliance66$185.00W
October 13Wastewater Math Part I66$185.00WW
October 14FOG Program and SSO Reporting66$185.00WW
October 14Wastewater Regulation & Compliance66$185.00WW
October 14Pumping Systems66$185.00W & WW


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This is a VERY important message to all students and visitors coming to the Georgia Water & Wastewater Institute.

Effective immediately, a new road has been made to access GWWI. Access to GWWI via Forrest Drive and Ole Hickory Trail will no longer exist. Due to a new University of West GA Stadium, a new road has been made to access this venue to divert traffic around the residential neighborhood, and this diversion incorporates the GWWI and the City’s Wastewater Plant. Ole Hickory Trail will become a cull de sac. Read more…