* All classes are held at the GWWI facility in Carrollton, Georgia, unless otherwise noted.
September 5-7Basic Maintenance Technologist2412$310.00W & WW & MT8:00-5:00
September 8Maintenance Technologist Level III Exam$50.00
September 5-7Drinking Water Microbiology1812$315.00W9:00-4:00
September 11-15Drinking Water Laboratory Analyst3012$365.00W9:00-4:00
September 18-21Class II Drinking Water Laboratory2412$340.00W9:00-4:00
September 18-22Class III Drinking Water Treatment4012$505.00W8:00-5:00
September 18-22Class III Wastewater Treatment4012$505.00WW8:00-5:00
September 25-28Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training3212$555.00W & WW & BF8:00-5:00
October 9-12Collection Systems Operation & Maintenance2712$430.00WW8:30-4:30
October 9-12Distribution Systems Operation & Maintenance2712$370.00W8:30-4:30
October 16-19Class II Drinking Water Treatment2412$385.00W9:00-4:00
October 16-19Class II Wastewater Treatment2412$385.00WW9:00-4:00
October 23-24Basic Chemistry for Treatment Operators and Lab Analyst1212$250.00W & WW9:00-4:00
October 24Backflow 1-Day Renewal66$185.00W & WW & BF9:00-4:00
October 30-November 2Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training3212$555.00W & WW & BF8:00-5:00
October 30-November 2Industrial Wastewater Treatment 2712$840.00WW8:30-4:30
October 30-November 1 (Gwinnett)Basic Maintenance Technologist 2412$385.00W & WW & MT8:00-5:00
November 2 (Gwinnett)Maintenance Technologist Level III Exam$50.008:00
November 6-10Wastewater Laboratory Analyst3012$365.00WW9:00-4:00
November 27-December 1Drinking Water Laboratory Analyst3012$365.00W9:00-4:00
November 28Backflow Prevention Assembly Repair66$185.00W & WW & BF9:00-4:00
December 4-6Basic Maintenance Technologist2412$310.00W & WW & MT8:00-5:00
December 7Maintenance Technologist Level III Exam$50.008:00
December 11-15Class III Drinking Water Treatment4012$505.00W8:00-5:00
December 11-15Class III Wastewater Treatment4012$505.00WW8:00-5:00
December 19Backflow 1-Day Renewal66$185.00W & WW & BF9:00-4:00
December 21Class IV Drinking Water Treatment66$185.00W9:00-4:00
December 21Class IV Wastewater Treatment66$185.00WW9:00-4:00
January 8-11Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training3012$555.00W & WW & BF8:00-5:00
January 17Backflow 1-Day Renewal66$185.00W & WW & BF9:00-4:00
January 29-February 2Wastewater Laboratory Analyst3012$365.00WW9:00-4:00
February 5-8Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training3212$555.00W & WW & BF8:00-5:00
February 12-14Basic Maintenance Technologist2412$310.00W & WW & MT8:00-5:00
February 15Maintenance Technologist Level III Exam$50.008:00
February 19-23Drinking Water Laboratory Analyst3012$365.00W9:00-4:00
February 26-March 1Collection Systems Operation & Maintenance2712$430.00WW8:30-4:30
February 26-March 1Distribution Systems Operation & Maintenance2712$370.00W8:30-4:30
March 5-9Class III Drinking Water Treatment4012$505.00W8:00-5:00
March 5-9Class III Wastewater Treatment4012$505.00WW8:00-5:00
March 12Backflow 1-Day Renewal66$185.00W & WW & BF9:00-4:00
March 12-14Drinking Water Microbiology1812$315.00W9:00-4:00
March 19-22Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training3212$555.00W & WW & BF8:00-5:00
March 26-29Class II Drinking Water Laboratory2412$340.00W9:00-4:00
April 12 (Macon)Backflow 1-Day Renewal66$230.00W & WW & BF9:00-4:00
April 16-19Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training3212$555.00W & WW & BF8:00-5:00
April 16-20Wastewater Laboratory Analyst3012$365.00WW9:00-4:00
April 23-26Class II Drinking Water Treatment2412$385.00W9:00-4:00
April 23-26Class II Wastewater Treatment2412$385.00WW9:00-4:00
April 26Backflow Prevention Assembly Repair66$185.00W & WW & BF9:00-4:00
April 30-May 3Industrial Wastewater Treatment 2712$840.00WW8:30-4:30
April 30-May 4Class III Wastewater Treatment4012$505.00WW8:00-5:00
May 7-10Class II Wastewater Laboratory2412$340.00WW9:00-4:00
May 9Class IV Drinking Water Treatment66$185.00W9:00-4:00
May 9Class IV Wastewater Treatment66$185.00WW9:00-4:00
May 21-24Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training3212$555.00W & WW & BF8:00-5:00
May 30Backflow 1-Day Renewal66$185.00W & WW & BF9:00-4:00
June 11-15Class III Drinking Water Treatment4012$505.00W8:00-5:00
June 11-15Class III Wastewater Treatment4012$505.00WW8:00-5:00
June 25-29Wastewater Laboratory Analyst3012$365.00WW9:00-4:00